We all want our marriage or relationship to be a happy one but sometimes we just don’t know what to do. The truth is there is no simple formula out there to make your marriage or relationship a happy one but there are some secrets all happy couples have in common.

Below are 5 secrets of happy couples

1. THEY APPRECIATE THEMSELVES: after being in a marriage or relationship for a very long time, it’s so easy to take your partner for granted. Couples that have maintained a happy union over a long period of time would tell you that they learnt to always appreciate each other and they try not to take anything for granted no matter how little the act is.

2. SEX ISN’T A COMMODITY: it’s common for couples to say no sex when they are angry. Happy couples understand sex should be a form of showing love and not a means of showing power when things go wrong. If you are angry about something, it’s important you speak to your partner about it and not use sex as a means of negotiating.

3. THEY SPEND QUALITY TIME TOGETHER: time spent together matters if you want a happy and successful relationship. They celebrate their anniversaries, visit exotic places together etc. Happy couples value time spent together with their partners.

4. THEY HAVE SECRET CODES: every happy couple have a special way of communicating when they are with other people. They alone know these signs. It could be the use of the eye or fingers. Using these secret sign languages help bond couples. Every happy couple knows this.

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5. THEY KNOW THE IMPORTANCE OF PET NAMES: pet names help increase intimacy between couples and every happy couple knows this. It also helps couples feel close to one another.

There are lots of secrets happy couples share but these 5 secrets listed above would surely help you build a happy relationship. We should also not forget love and trust is important if you want your relationship to last.

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