A 33-Year-Old British Man Hacked Webcams To Watch People Having Sex

A British pervert hacked into people’s computers and watched them have sex on their webcams, according to the National Crime Agency.

Using criminal software known as Blackshades, Leeds-based hacker Stefan Rigo, 33, was able to gain remote access to webcams anywhere in the world.

Rigo spent five to 12 hours each day spying on unsuspecting people’s daily activities through Skype or in front of the computer.

The cybercriminal was given a 40-week suspended sentence and has been placed on the sex offender list for seven years, the NCA confirmed on its website.

He was arrested in November 2014 after an international operation on Blackshades — which allows the user to take over and steal personal information from computers.

Rigo pleaded guilty in September to Computer Misuse Act and voyeurism offenses, the NCA said.

Leo Taddeo, former FBI cybercrime chief, told the Daily News in 2014 that Blackshades let’s users with “no sophisticated hacking experience or expensive equipment” target innocent people.

“The tool allowed cybercriminals to steal passwords and banking credentials, hack into social media accounts, access documents, photos and other computer files, record all keystrokes, activate webcams, hold a computer for ransom and used the computer in … attacks,” Taddeo said.

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