A #Tribute To My Late Mother From The Depth Of My Heart 1st June 2017- Sunny Joe of SML Media

With gratitude to God Almighty and immense thanksgiving to His Holy name we bless His name for a successful Burial and funeral rite of our late Mother Mrs. Margarete Nnebedum OBINANI (ARU-KA-AKWA) Nee Ezenwankwor… And I also wish to express my appreciation to families, friends and well-wishers who commiserates with us at this time through Home visits, Phone calls, Text messages, Social media Comments etc. May God Almighty intercedes for us all at the point of our needs, Amen. Once again many thanks to you all and may God Bless You All!!!

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Read my Tribute below

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Who am I to complain when the creator of Heaven and Earth have spoken, who am I to question God, on the time and method he chooses in calling one of his own.
On that very Wednesday morning, 29th of March 2017 my dearest and beloved mother was called by her Creator, her Alpha and Omega, her Comforter, the only love she ever had since the death of her husband my father many many years ago.
Dear Lord, who am I to question you, for I am like a pencil in your hand and like you did with my mother, you can call me anytime you deem fit, same like everyone under my voice here right now.
My mother Mrs Margarete Nnebedum OBINANI MMUO known as ARU-KA-AKWA was a unique woman MOTHER who brought me and my siblings, to live right and to be contented with what we have. My mother never wished she was anybody else and taught my siblings and I to live that way too. 
was very loving both to us her children and other person around her. Her love for everyone had no boundaries as she shares her love to make sure everyone around her is comfortable.
To many, she was an icon, to others, she was an inspiration, to me she was my mother and all of the above
With no education whatsoever, mama paid adequate attention to every details and applied it to her children’s education and up bring. Mama was very organized in everything she did and hated people who were disorganized. She was good at advising fellow women who sought her opinion on how to run their families effectively and to be good wives to their husbands.
Mama worked hard both as a farmer and trader to put food on the table. As a foodstuff trader in Eke market Ekwuluobia for as long as I can remember even though she was not healthy strong, she made sure food was not lacking in the house. Mama was a very descent woman and inculcated same in us. It is true you were a strict disciplinarian, I will not exchange the experience of being your son with anything. Mama, I might not be with you in your last days, but I know for sure that it was not in your plans to leave us this soon and so sudden…. I know you never planned to die, you died on your visit to spend some time with your first loved son she was not strong physically, yet she won’t give up thinking and praying to God for the wellbeing of her children, Even though I am far away from her, but each time I called her on phone she always pays attention to the sound of my voice to know the state of my health, not bothering of her state of health.
I would always tell her mama do not worry about me all I want is just be strong for us, but she will always say you are my son and I will always care for you and your siblings that is why I am your mother. That’s how much she loved us, loved everyone around her and most especially loves God,

However on 29th of March 2017, I guess God could not take it anymore He had to call His servant to come join Him in the throne of Grace and it was that humble call my mother obeyed as she gave up her ghost without coming back home nor even to speak to her lovely children that she always cared for.
Mama (as me and my siblings fondly call her), I bless God for making me know you from my childhood to adult age, you taught me things no school could have ever taught me. You brought me and my siblings up with the fear of the Lord and till date we are yet and will never deviate from your teachings.
You were never a rich woman, but the little your hand could be able to reach, you always share with us and everyone around you to make everyone comfortable (such a good mother), you always wanted the comfort of others even when you might not be comfortable.

Mama, I know you never planned on dying at least not for now, for once I know God took you by surprised, He did not tell you how badly he wanted you in his kingdom. If He did, I know you would have summoned your children and grandchildren to have your last moment with us. I know you would have led us in praise and worship to God almighty and as usual you would have applied your grammars and the way you always speak your grammars Mama, it was funny then but right now, Mama please I miss those grammars of yours, if possible please come blow it for us once more, I promise I won’t laugh this time.

Ezinnem, I miss you. I miss your funny jokes, I miss everything about you Mama, your memory will forever remain in my heart, in tears did I write this today, but in joy will I tell my children (your grandchildren) about you. Nnem, you lived a good life, we that are left to mourn you are highly proud of you, we loved you for you have first loved us.
God bless you Aru-ka-akwa
God bless you Ezigbo nnem
God bless you Nee Ezenwankwor
God bless you Mrs Margaret Nnebedum OBINANI MMUO
And may your gentle soul continue to rest in the Lord’s blossom. Amen
With love from your son
Joseph Chukwunonso OBINANI. 


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