Before I Came To Biafra, I Heard That Biafrans Fought Like Heroes – French Ambassador

In his account of the Nigeria-Biafra War, John De St. Jorre reported the words of a French Ambassador who visited Biafra during that war and who recorded for posterity the bravery of the Biafra against insurmountable odds thus:

“Before I came to Biafra, I heard that Biafrans fought like heroes, but after my visit to Biafra, I can tell you that Heroes fight like Biafrans.”

It, therefore, defies comprehension; it defies explanation why several so-called Igbo leaders and Ohaneze have become willing tools in the hands of Nigerian genocides, and homegrown Hausa-Fulani Yoruba colonialists who for more than forty years have been hell bent on enslaving, persecuting, dehumanizing and ultimately destroying the Biafra people.  Ohaneze Ndi igbo must be strike, disappear or disband so that Biafra may stand.

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