Caroline Danjuma Calls Out Enugu Hospital For Hindering Treatment Of Conjoined Twins

Actress Caroline Danjuma took to her Instagram page this morning to call out an Enugu based hospital who according to her is hindering the continued treatment of conjoined twins born to Mr and Mrs Ayeni on November 2015. She wrote;

“My little angels are 4 months old today … Unfortunately I have to speak up on behalf of this kids and the parents. The hospital they are in right now are bent on operating on them when they don’t have the equipments.
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Hospitals in Texas and Canada have asked for their MRI scan and CT scan to see if they can assist this children but the hospital in Enugu has refused to give it to them , when I personally called a certain prof obiayo she asked me what the hospital abroad needed it for. What a funny question.
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The hospital went as far as publishing in the newspaper that they would need 5m for the surgery without informing the parents . To them it’s all about the money . The mother has been crying for fear of loosing her daughters.

The hospital has refused to communicate with the parents but are only concerned with making a name and money through this innocent babies. Giving out their personal bank Acc without the consent of the family .

They said we should keep the kids in the hospital for 9 months before operation by my research those babies don’t need to stay for that long if they ain’t sharing any organs. This babies are handed over to student doctors and that scares me most.
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I have decided to voice out cause I have been the one consoling the parents since I got involved but right now I am extremely livid at the selfishness and non caring attitude of the doctors. The parents can speak for them selves . Hopeville foundation will continue to do its best . Unfortunately the hospital in Enugu is refusing to assist”.

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