Customs Service Intercepts 140 Snakes And 600 Other Animals Coming Into Nigeria

Customs Service Intercepts 140 Snakes And 600 Other Animals Coming Into Nigeria
The Animals were loaded into a Cameroonian vessel tagged ‘MV Flesh’ through the Calabar waterway to the National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA) jetty in Calabar, Cross River State.

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The Customs Area Comptroller in charge of Calabar Free Trade Zone, Cross River and Akwa Ibom Command, Nanbyen Burromvyat reacting to the seizure said,

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“These containers have animals of different sizes. They were brought in on July 24, 2017, through this Calabar waterway. The consignment was spotted by our vigilant officers and they contain live animals which are a prohibition under Schedule 3 of our revised import prohibition list.

“Live animals are a prohibition. There is no provision for permit to bring them in. We are seizing them and hand the containers over to the Nigerian Quarantine Services for further necessary action.

“I do not know what they want to do with it but I think that it will be dangerous for us because it contains snake, spider, geckos and other creatures. We have enough snakes around Nigeria already and it will be suspicious importing this. I do not know what to think because I do not know what they can be used for.”

The arrested agent, who brought the consignment from cameroon, Julius Novigana, said he was asked to deliver the consignment to someone in Nigeria.

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Julius said,

“A friend gave it to me in Cameroon to deliver to someone in Lagos. I only have the man’s number in Lagos. I have called him and he said he would send someone to come and pick it up from me here in Calabar. I did not know what was contained in the big cartons; my assignment was to deliver the consignment. I do not know the names of the person in Lagos,”

However the captain of the cargo ship, Victor Agbor, also a Cameroonian, said he does not know about the consignment.

“I did not see these containers on the vessel when I left Cameroon. The name of my vessel is MV Flesh and we bring in passengers and general cargo from Cameroon to Nigeria. I never saw this container on board before leaving; they only called my attention to it that there were some containers without manifestoes in the vessel. I do not have any idea about it,” he said.

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