Eko Hotel’s Security Guard In Tears After Comedian Seyi Law Gave Him 3 Dirty Slaps – See Why

It was a night of fun turn sour for Peter Ethan, a security guard at the prestigious Eko Hotel and suites, when popular award winning rib cracker.

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Seyi Law, ferociously slapped him across the face three times, as he was trying to maneuver his way out of Eko hotel just after the conclusion of the much-talked about Kiss Daniel’s album concert in the early hours of Monday, May 16 2016.

As invited guests and participants trooped out of the venue with satisfaction of a night well spent, also driving out in his Porsche car, Seyi Law was accosted by Peter Ethan, trying to inform him of an alternative route he could take to ease vehicular movement and avoid traffic. Suddenly, with the speed of light,
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Seyi Law angrily flew out of his car and dazed the security guard, Peter Ethan, with three hot resounding slaps that got him probably seeing stars and staggering for balance. Lost for words as to why Seyi Law bullied him in such a rascally manner, the security guard burst into uncontrollable tears.

On seeing their colleague in such an emotional state, Peter’s fellow security guards rushed to the spot  to inquire what transpired. Immediately they got the gist of what happened, they took sides with Peter, one of them even attempted to physically harass Seyi Law, but for the intervention of a few peacemakers and Seyi’s quick escape instincts, he would have been lynched by an angry mob that began to build.
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While speaking to Potpourri at the scene on what actually transpired, an emotionally unstable Peter tearfully recounted his bitter ordeal “I was only trying to redirect him through an alternative route which my boss instructed us on, to avoid traffic jam as guests drive out. “To my greatest surprise, Seyi Law just jumped out of his car and began to hurl abusive words at me.
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While trying to explain to him he just suddenly gave me three dirty slaps. This has never happened to me before, is it because I’m putting on a security uniform? I didn’t expect this kind of attitude from Seyi Law”.

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