Find Out What The Shape Of Your Face Says About You

Face-reading experts believe the shape of your face can reveal basic personality traits and determine your overall approach to life.

‘Your face is saying something,’ expert Jean Hanner, author of The Wisdom of Your Face, told Cosmopolitan. ‘You’re born with features you have for a reason. The face is a map of your personality as well as your whole life.’

There are six different shapes Triangle, Heart, Oval, Rectangle, Square and Diamond. See which you belong to below


London-born TV personality Kelly Osbourne, 30, has a triangle-shaped face. This means the face is narrower at the forehead but wide at the jawline. Men and women with these faces tend to be artistic, creative and sensitive but also fiery.

‘This shape means you usually want to be in charge,’ said Ms. Hanner told Cosmopolitan. ‘And the narrower your forehead is at toward the top of the person’s head, the more they have to be in control. ‘She said people with triangle face shapes are usually ‘very successful’


A heart face shape is characterized by a wide forehead and narrow chin. Both actress Reese Witherspoon, 39, and reality star Khloe Kardashian, 31, have this shape.

‘It speaks to someone who has incredible inner strength but can also be stubborn because they are so strong-minded,’ ‘they’re like little energizer bunnies. But their strength is not from stamina, it’s about inner power. ‘Other common personality traits include being ‘pushy’, having ‘a strong intuition’ and being ‘very creative’.


People with oval faces are practical, methodical and overachievers in their careers. This appears true for Beyonce, 34, whose face is longer than wide and she has a jaw that is narrower than her cheekbones. Ms. Hanner added to Elle UK that people with oval face shapes are also compassionate: ‘This person always knows all the right things to say, so they can make someone feel welcome and comfortable.’


People with this type of face value logic and are really good thinkers. American actress Lucy Liu, 46, has this shape, which is squared off at the forehead and chin.

‘They’re usually planners in some way and don’t often talk about their feelings,’ said Ms Haner. ‘However, they do work out regularly—they have to work off inner tension that results from constantly living in their own heads.’


Men and women with square faces tend to possess a sharp wit and analytical mind. American actresses Mena Suvari, 36, and Sandra Bullock, 51, have this shape, which is characterized by a wide hair and jaw line. ‘It typically refers to someone who is really gung-ho and into taking on huge projects because they have so much stamina,’ said Ms. Hanner.


This refers to someone who likes to take control and wants things a certain way, ‘They’re also very detail-oriented and because of that they produce quality work. Someone with a diamond-shaped face ‘communicates well’ and is ‘precise’ with their words. However, this person could be ‘sharp’ if crossed the wrong way.

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