For Men Above 18 Only: Study Reveals Most Dangerous Sex Position For Men

A study has discovered the most dangerous sex for men. – This one position on average causes more penile fractures than any other. – A penile fracture can lead to a lifetime of sexless pain, so you need to read this.

If you’re planning on ever having sex again, you might not want to read this. A study has revealed the most dangerous sex position for men which can cause every man’s worst nightmare, a fractured penis!

Scientists in Brazil conducted a study into the causes and symptoms of having a fractured penis. The results were published in Advances in Urology – and they don’t make for pretty reading. They found that sexual intercourse with the woman on top is potentially the riskiest position related to penile fracture.

“Our study supports the fact that sexual intercourse with ‘woman on top’ is the potentially riskiest sexual position related to penile fracture,” the report says. “Our hypothesis is that when woman is on top she usually controls the movement with her entire body weight landing on the erect penis, not being able to interrupt it when the penis suffers a wrong way penetration, because the harm is usually minor in woman with no pain but major in the penis.”

Doctors and academics looked at patients attended A&E with suspected penile fractures over a 13-year period. Half of the afflicted men reported hearing a cracking noise during intercourse before experiencing intense pain and swelling. The unfortunate fellows then lost their erections and had to be taken to hospital immediately.

A fractured penis is a serious problem as non-surgical treatment can lead to up to 50% of patients being left with a permanently deformed penis. Members of the study also suffered from erectile dysfunction and a lifetime of painful sex.

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