For Men Only: Revealed Secerets, Medical Confirmed Ways To Test A Woman’s Virg*nity! Men You Need To Try This!

Though I would advise you to ask her at your own risk. Don’t say later that auntyji’s advice got you beaten up.

But before you go ahead with that, I want to ask why do you care at all? Like seriously. Do you think she is also wondering about your Virginity? Ever thought how can you prove you are a v! RG!N? I don’t think so. I am surprised that even in this day and age; perfectly sane men are concerned about such things.


The hymen is a layer of skin around the opening of the vagina it doesn’t usually cover up the entrance completely. And you don’t have to ‘break through’ it the first time you have s 8 x, just gently push through so the opening in the thin skin stretches wide enough. It can also be stretched or torn by playing sports or using tampons.
And yeah, my brother did douse some ketchup on my honeymoon bed sheets. But that’s another story, for another day.


The truth is that medically it’s impossible to confirm a girl’s virginity. Or for that matter, even a boy’s. In some cases there is a thick hymen detectable inside a woman’s vagina But then a lack of hymen is not really a sign of sexual experience.
I think I tore mine while bicycling around the colony park in sector 16. No, that’s not a joke.

Myth: I know some Kalmuhe doctors have started a booming business in ‘restoring’ hymens and ‘creating’ virginity. But they are just fortifying a myth and playing with your minds. Waste of time, money and emotions, I say.
Meri ManoToh: don’t even expect every girl to bleed at first intercourse. Just like you are not expected to stay hard the entire night! If she doesn’t bleed it doesn’t mean she has had sex before. Just that her hymen is very stretchy. And you have been nice and gentle!

Don’t complicate your relationship (and compromise sexual pleasure) by over-thinking about such things. Enjoy what you have and spend your energy in pursuit of love and pleasure.
If you have doubts, I suggest that the two of you should talk things through. But does virginity matter? I don’t think so.

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