Guys Above 18 Only: The 3 Signs Her Body Is Prepared And Ready For Sex

When it comes to making love to a woman, it is important that you get her good and ready before you begin the true sex act.

Foreplay, dirty talk, etc, are a great to warm her up. But do you know the way her body tells you she is ready?

1. She gets wet:

This is not something to rely on a hundred percent because some situations such as time of month, the lady’s age, etc might cause her not to be as wet as needed, even though she is aroused. But if you do notice she is wet, then she is ready. The best move to figure this put is to put your finger in her during foreplay.

You might not get a clear read on her moistness if you are performing oral sex on her. If other signs show she is ready but she is not wet, then make sure you use a lubricant to keep things nice and slippery.

2. Her nipples are hard:

This is another important sign of arousal. So, in case she is not as wet, but you notice her nipples have gotten harder since foreplay began, then she is ready or at least, getting there.

3. Her temp is warm:

The hotter a lady is, the hotter (literally) she gets. If while touching her, she started out with a cool temperature, as she gets aroused, her body gets warmer in preparation. So, when you feel the heat, then she is ready for you.

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