“Help! He Wants Me to Send Him My Raunchy Pictures Before He Can Get Serious With Me” – Lady Cries Out

A woman beset by a most ridiculous request from her lover and the threat it poses to their relationship is asking for a way out.

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The woman shared her story showing how her man is giving her a reason to doubt the solidity of the relationship.

Below is what she shared:

I met a man on-line and as we have com-municated for such a while, I started liking him. He is based in the United States. As the online relationship progressed, he started talking about marriage.

These days, he even refers to me as his wife each time we talk. I told him one day that I was not sure about him because we have not met and explained that I understood that distance is not a barrier but I needed more convincing.
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I suggested that I could at least meet someone from his family. He made arrangements and I eventually met his dad. His dad likes me a lot and always says good things about me to his son. We have been on for several years now.
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Recently, he asked me to send my n*de photos to him and that gave me the wrong signal. We have talked about it but he keeps insisting, saying that it is the only way we can connect and feel closer to each other.
I have not responded to him yet. Please how do I handle this strange request?

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