How I Cought My Mum Having Sex With Men In Our House 6 Months After My Dad’s Death – Angry Daughter

Men, pray you don’t marry a wife that’ll be looking forward to your death. We live in strange times!

Less than six months after my Dad died, our mum started seeing someone else. I knew their marriage hadn’t been great, but it saddened me that she could move on so quickly. She went to a party with her friend and when I waited till midnight and she had’t returned, 1 went to bed.

In the morning, I took her breakfast. I opened the bedroom door and, behold, there was someone (a man) on my Dad’s side of the bed…

He grunted and rolled over when he saw me. I was in shock. “What the hell is going on here?” I yelled then ran out of the room. Sadly, he was the first of many men. Most weekends, Mum would go out and bring someone back. Her actions are out of order. Do you think she’s in her right mind?

An angry daughter is sad about her mum’s action after her dad’s death. The reply she got below:

Dear A…,
You need to let your mother know how you feel about her springing all these men on you after losing a dad you obviously love. Hopefully, she’ll listen to you and take your feelings into consideration.
If she continues having all these men around even after you’ve talked with her, don’t waste any more time fretting over your choices. Put your time and energy to better use by seeking help for your own grief and confusion.
What your mum has and is still doing in secretly will catch up with her very soon.

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