How My In-Law Forcefully Slept With Me And My Two Sisters – Teenager

A 17-year-old school dropout has told a Jikwonyi Customary Court in Abuja, today, Friday, January 27, that her sister’s husband forcefully had s*xual intercourse with her, and two other sisters.

The teenager gave this account as a witness in a divorce petition filed by her elder sister, Janet Suleman, against her husband Philip Ogho.

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“When I was living with my sister, her husband attempted to sleep with me, but I never agreed. Whenever I refused, he beats me. One day he asked me who I am, that he can’t sleep with me, that he has slept my other two sisters living with them,” she testified.
The witness said that her sister’s husband kept on maltreating her until she gave in to his request.

“He kept on beating me, then one day I could not bear it again, so I allowed him to sleep with me. He threatened to deal with me if I tell my sister. I didn’t tell my sister, but I told the other two he had slept with,” she told the court.

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She also went ahead to reveal to the court that she had to leave her sister’s house because he kept coming to her every night to demand for s*x.

The Court’s president, Everyman Eleanya, however, ordered that a hearing notice be placed at the Ogho’s residence because of his continued absence in court since the commencement of hearing in the case. Eleanya adjourned the case till January 31 for hearing.

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