How This Woman Put Leeches In Her Vagina To Get Pregnant – And Got Better Orgasms

A mother said she had leeches inserted into her vagina to help her conceive… and claims they gave her intense orgasms.

Nina Evans, who lives in London, was told she had no chance of having more children after being diagnosed with multiple myomas in her uterus when she was in her 40s and told she would need a hysterectomy.
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But rather than lose hope the now 50-year-old turned to ‘leech therapy’ to beat the pre-cancerous fibroids in the muscle tissue of her womb, having more than 500 of the worms sucking on her blood.

Nina when pregnant (Picture: Real Life Story Agency)

She was desperate to have a second child – her first is now 28 – after marrying for a second time, The Sun reported.
‘I chose leeches because I was born in Lithuania and leech therapy is used for a whole range of illnesses, she said.

‘They’re considered a general cure for all, and I knew from experience, having had leech treatment before, that it gave you more energy and a more positive outlook.
‘The beauty of leeches is they attach to the body and release three substances a local anaesthetic to reduce pain, a local vasodilator to improve blood supply and hirudin and calin to prevent clotting. 

‘Most people see leeches as scaring blood sucking creatures but to me they can change your life entirely.’

Nina undergoing leech therapy (Picture: Real Life Story Agency)

After eight months of having her blood sucked, Nina was amazed to find she was pregnant with her son Noel at the age of 45.
‘Over a period of one month I started having more energy, my complexion cleared and I hoped the leeches were also helping to cauterize or cut the blood flow to the fibroid,’ she said.
Whatsmore, Nina, who is originally from Lithuania, claims the treatment also gave her better, prolonged orgasms as well as helping her increase her breast milk production.
‘My first treatment was like having a pap smear. The doctor used the plastic device known as a speculum and inserted it into my vagina so three leeches could be popped in,’ she said.
‘The leeches attached themselves to the inside of my cervix. I didn’t feel it, the speculum was the most uncomfortable thing really.
‘Then after half an hour the leeches drop out. They came out tenfold – some fatter than a bottle of nail polish.
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‘Within seven days I noticed a difference. I was feeling better, had more energy and over the next couple of months my periods became more accurate.’

Nina Evans and her leeches (Picture: Real Life)

She said: ‘I also noticed my orgasms were longer and more intense some of the best I have ever had after each internal leech therapy.
‘And for people who are wondering how leeches don’t get left inside someone’s cervix, they are counted in and counted out so none remain and as they naturally drop off when full there is no chance you get left with a leech in your vagina.
‘I had another five treatments in Russia and then got my own leeches to continue treatment myself.
‘I noticed almost immediately a sense of feeling better but the thought of leeches placed inside me was a little daunting.’
She is now celebrating the sixth birthday of her son Noel, who she gave birth to with leeches on her back for the pain.
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‘I know that without leeches I would not have been given the chance to have my son Noel at 45 and that is just the start of what they can do. I even use them on my six-year-old to treat bumps and bruises,’ she said.
And she hasn’t stopped there as she is hoping to conceive her third child.

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