How This Woman Was Caught In The Act While Torturing This Poor Little Girl! This Is Insane! [VIDEO]

There had been a lot of cases of child abuse that quickly went viral, but I must admit that this one that you’re about to watch is probably the worst case of child abuse.

A woman can be seen babysitting a little girl who’s about 3-4 years of age. It is obvious that she’shaving a hard time feeding the little girl. She ran out of patience when the little girl suddenly throwsup. She vomited everything that she ate.
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The woman was so irritated, which resulted in pushing the baby so hard that she fell onto the ground. The baby was in pain, yet the woman still chose to stay mad at her and continue to tortureher.

She hit the little girl with a flashlight, kicked her and even stepped onto her.
People claim that people like this woman should be sitting behind the bars.
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