How TV Station Records 2 Employees Having s*x (Photos)

Nation Media Group in Uganda has sacked two of its employees after they were caught on camera having s*x in the office.

Kevin Kaija, a producer of “Seeds of Gold” programme aired on NTV and Ann Nakawombe (photo below), a presenter at the same station, have been sacked after photos of them having s*x in the studio leaked. NTV has also released a statement regarding the matter.

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The statement by NTV also said: “Anne has been the presenter of Login while Kevin worked on the Seeds of Gold program as a producer. These employees were found to be in breach of the NTV Employee Code of Conduct as stipulated in their terms of employment,

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“At NTV, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of values and integrity in thework place to ensure that we are a trusted and credible source of information and entertainment. We do not condone unethical or questionable moral character,”read the statement.

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