Isis Fanatic’s Arsenal Of Bombs, Guns, Ammunition And A Knife Is Revealed After Suicide Attack On Jakarta Leaves Seven Dead

Two civilians – a police officer and Canadian man – were killed while two jihadis were taken alive Shocking footage captures the moment suicide bomber blows himself up outside Starbucks near shopping mall.

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Story contains photographs that may be disturbing to some readers

This is the ‘terrorist toolkit’ carried by an ISIS death squad who launched a series of suicide bomb and gun attacks that left seven dead in Jakarta.

Police found the terrifying arsenal of bombs, guns, ammunition and knives in a jihadist’s rucksack after a three-hour gunbattle in the Indonesian capital.

One of the fanatics had earlier been seen training his handgun on potential victims while stalking the streets as terrified onlookers ran for their lives.

The final stand played out near a Starbucks in a bustling shopping area after the team of seven militants traded fire with police and blew themselves up.

Shocking footage shows one of the suicide bombers erupting into a ball of fire after detonating his explosives outside the American coffee chain.

Another bomber exploded inside the cafe, wounding several inside. As people poured out, two waiting gunmen opened fire on them.

At the same time, two militants attacked a police traffic post nearby, using what he described as hand grenade-like bombs.

Five attackers and two civilians – a police officer and a Canadian man – were killed in the attack, while two of the militants were taken alive, police said.

Toolkit of terror: Police found an arsenal of weapons including bombs, guns, ammunition and a knife in the rucksacks carried by ISIS fanatics who launched a series of co-ordinated attacks that left at least seven dead in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta

Police found the terrifying war chest in a jihadist’s rucksack after a five-hour gunbattle on the streets of the Indonesian capital
Indonesian anti-terror policemen check two dead terrorists lying next to a victim after a bomb blast in front of a shopping mall in Jakarta

One of the fanatics who was later found dead trains his gun on potential victims while stalking down Thamrin Street in Jakarta
A civilian races past the camera as hundreds of people in Jakarta are seen fleeing as a man with a gun walks the street

Seventeen people, including a Dutch man, were wounded.

Police finally declared the area near the Sarinah shopping mall secure five hours after the major downtown street – not far from the presidential palace and the U.S. Embassy – had turned into a battleground.

Jakarta’s police chief told reporters: ‘ISIS is behind this attack definitely’ and named an Indonesian militant called Bahrun Naim as the man responsible for plotting it. Police believe Naim is in the Syrian city of Raqqa.

Aamaaq news agency, which is allied to the terror group, said on its Telegram channel: ‘Islamic State fighters carried out an armed attack this morning targeting foreign nationals and the security forces charged with protecting them in the Indonesian capital.’

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