List of radio stations in Nigeria For All States and their owners

In case you are looking for a radio station to tune to or a comprehensive list of radio stations according to states, then you are on the right page as we have compiled a comprehensive list of all the radio stations in each state of Nigeria with heir band frequency.

Knowing that Nigerians love listening to radio as it is believed to be one of the fastest means of getting information since it’s easily accessible from our phones,cars, homes or even as a separate device.

Radio stations are becoming more popular among Nigerians. They are different and vary from state to state. This means that a radio station, which is being listened to in Abuja, may not be present in Lagos, for example. Today we’ve decided to tell you about some of the popular radio stations in Nigeria and their owners.

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List of Nigerian radio stations Read more:

Nigerian stations are really different – they cover various themes like sports, local and national news, analysis, music, games, interviews, etc. That’s why people love them – they can suit every person’s needs. Because of the great diversity and differences between states, it is hard to make any form ranking. So the list below is in no particular order.

1. Brilla FM

It is the only sports radio station in Nigeria. Wow, right? However, it is unique and quite popular among Nigerian sports lovers. It has four subsidiaries:

➤ Brila FM Lagos;

➤ Brila FM Onitsha;

➤ Brila FM Kaduna;

➤ Brila FM Abuja.

The station was founded by Larry Izamoje on October 1, 2002. Since that day, it has concentrated on sports analysis and news. The frequency of Brilla FM is 88.9 MHz.

2. Cool FM

Cool FM is one of the most popular radio stations in Nigeria. Some may claim that it is the best radio station in the country. It was founded in October 1998. Cool FM covers different themes – interviews, national news, sports, games, music and other programs for entertainment. There also have their Internet Radio and even Cool TV! Its frequencies cover 4 of 6 Geo-Political Zones in Nigeria:

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➤ Cool FM 96.9 Lagos;

➤ Cool FM 96.9 Abuja;

➤ Cool FM 96.9 Port Harcourt;

➤ Cool FM 96.9 Kano.

The owner of Cool FM is Amin Moussalli, a Lebanese businessman.

3. Wazobia FM

This radio station has an impressive achievement – it was the first in Nigeria that does its programs in Pidgin English. It is loved by a lot of Nigerians and is still popular today. It has a TV station – Wazobia TV and special Internet radio service. Some OAPs there are Lolo and Yaw. It has a few branches across Nigeria:

➤ Wazobia 99.5 FM, Abuja;

➤ Wazobia 95.1 FM, Lagos;

➤ Wazobia 95.1 FM, Kano;

➤ Wazobia 94.1 FM, Port Harcourt.

The owner of the radio station is Amin Moussalli.

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4. Raypower FM

One of the “first” stations too – it was the first independent station in Nigeria. It is an urban contemporary station, with news and other interesting programs. It covers about 18 states of Nigeria and Abuja. The sister stations include: ➤ Raypower Kano;

➤ Raypower Benin;

➤ Raypower Kaduna;

➤ Raypower Jos;

➤ Raypower Bauchi;

➤ Raypower Yenagoa;

➤ Raypower Ilorin;

➤ Raypower Enugu;

➤ Raypower Katsina;

➤ Raypower Maiduguri;

➤ Raypower Yola;

➤ Raypower Makurdi;

➤ Raypower Osogbo;

➤ Raypower Owerri;

➤ Raypower Calabar;

➤ Raypower Agenebode;

➤ Raypower Port Harcourt;

➤ Raypower Gombe.

All of them have the frequency of 100.5 MHz. Its first broadcast was on January 1, 2005. It is owned by DAAR Communication Plc.

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5. Rhythm FM

This station is mostly music oriented – the genres range from Hip Hop to Alternative and mix of styles. It broadcasts in Lagos on a frequency of 93.7 MHz. The first air date on Rhythm 93.7 FM Lagos was in 1997. It is owned by Silverbird Communications under the Silverbird Group.

It is a private station and it has only one sister station – Rhythm 93.7 FM Port Harcourt. One of the most popular air personalities on Rhythm FM is OAP Toke Makinwa. Radio stations are indeed very popular. Since the first air, radio has gained popularity and now thousands of Nigerians are listening to music, news or sports analysis. We can even say that the radio waves are connecting different people all around Nigeria. Just imagine that!

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