Meet The Man With A 10 Inch Penis Thanks To Silicone

A man who lives with a 10lb penis says “it’s great». Micha Stuntz, lives in Berlin, where he says his big package has helped him free himself from established roles and ideas about sex – and left him “ready to play”.

The 45-year-old has revealed that his penis is 9in long and 5.5in wide. Thanks to silicone injections, it weighs roughly 9.5lb, or the weight of an average-sized cat, vice reports.
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His interest in enlargement started 20 years ago when he was given a penis pump.

“I was way too curious not to try it out. First, I tried it secretly for myself,” he told Vice .And I found that when I went out pumped up, it felt great. I had the feeling that I wasn’t trapped in the body I was born with, but that I had the possibility to shape it myself. “Having had four procedures so far, he says that day-to-day life is as normal as it is for anyone else, except perhaps when it comes to buying trousers and underwear.

He’s compared his additional bulk to a breast enlargement for women, which he says no one bats an eyelid at.
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“I hope that changes soon because the difference really isn’t that big.”

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