“My Ex-Boyfriend Died And Was Buried In 2014, But He Still Comes Back And Makes Love To Me Every Night” – Woman Makes Shocking Claim

A South African woman, whose former boyfriend died in 2014, has revealed a quite shocking claim – according to her, her deceased ex is haunting her.

The 29-year-old woman who is from Bhobhoyi, KZN, South Africa, revealed that at the time of his death the man was no longer her boyfriend, Daily Sun SA reports. She revealed that when the man died, he was already living with another woman in the Eastern Cape.

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The woman now lives with another man in the house. “My lover is currently building on two more rooms. But this seems to have made my dead ex-boyfriend jealous, because I have not had peace since he began to build. “He’s haunted me every night since February this year,” the woman said. “He even demands s*x from me all the time. He asks me about my new man and demands that I leave him.”

The woman said she has left her house and now spends most of her time at her new man’s shack. “We have stopped building until I get a traditional healer to help me. I’ve been to sangomas (native doctors) but the muthi (concoction) they give me to chase away his spirit doesn’t seem to work.”

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Her new lover has promised to continue with the building as soon as they have found help. “He doesn’t visit her when she is with me. If he was still alive I would have talked to him man to man,” said the man. Sazi Mhlongo, president of the South African Traditional Healers Association, said the woman should seek help from a diviner. “A strong diviner will be able chase away the man’s spirit,” he said.

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