My Husband Is Beginning To Scare Me, He Says We Must Do It Every Day: Woman Cries Out

Am dying here …. From the day I got married to my husband , he makes love to me every day , am not exaggerating I swear , if am on my period , he begs for a blow job, he will fuck my mouth o, until he cum.

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Initially I was enjoying it and feeling its love and he is addicted to me, but it’s been one year now and am tired. Even if we are having a misunderstanding, he will still come and make love after that he continues the malice that means love making means nothing to him than just satisfaction. .

The problem is that it sounds stupid to complain because people will say it’s your duty as a wife, but my body is getting weak, as they say too much of everything is bad.

I once called him and asked him why he must have sex every day, he said because he can’t do without it, that I should be lucky that he loves me enough not to cheat on me.
After that day I became too scared to complain so that he will not say I was the one who drove him out to cheat.
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What do I do please? I can’t even add weight cause of constant sex, am shrinking by the day, I feel nothing in my body any more.
Sometimes a woman just needs to cuddle not having some object penetrate her. Am afraid am getting tired of my marriage. It’s all about sex sex sex no communication ….
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Am tired so tired. How can I cope with this? The worst is that it’s not 4play, just sex, penetration and ejaculation.

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