‘Nigeria needs urgent rescue mission’

Presiding Pastor of Living Spring Chapel Lagos, Pastor Femi-Emmanuel, speaks with Sunday Oguntola on state of the nation. Excerpts:

What is your assessment of the nation?

It’s pathetic. We are retrogressing. We are losing grip. Everything is in abeyance. This unfortunately is not what we desired, voted for or had expected but unfortunately the government of the day seems to have lost grip of what governance is all about. Citizens are suffering. The economy is down. Naira is on a free fall. Nothing is moving.

The whole state is in a redundancy mode, the whole nation. There is decadence everywhere. States cannot pay salaries. Businessmen are crying. Naira’s value is dead. It is still falling; nobody knows where it will stop. And of course, when you have a problem with the currency of the nation, it affects everybody. The church is mostly affected as a distribution centre because the church governance is welfarist as it takes care of the welfare of the members.

We have a system where the government is the biggest spender. And when there is a hitch there, it affects everybody. So, this is the wrong structure we have built. People say the government has no business in business but in Nigeria everybody looks up to the government. The 36 Governors run to Abuja to collect money. No nation can survive that way.

So you support restructuring?

Seriously, I do. I mean we cannot continue like this. We are just a step away from falling over.

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