Photo: Hero Cop Breastfeeds Baby After His Teenage Mum Walks Out On Him

A cop has been hailed a hero after she breastfed a baby after his teenage mum walked out on him. The moving incident took place in Tunuyan, Argentina.

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According to the child’s father, the tot’s 15-year-old mother fled the family home after having an argument with him and the baby’s grandfather. Soon after the baby begun to cry uncontrollably. Daily Mirror reports.

Not knowing what to do, the father sought help at the local police station.

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After realising the youngster was simply hungry, officer Silvina Rojas came to the rescue and breast fed the tot, who immediately stopped crying.Rojas, who is the mother of an 8-month-old, says that she could see the baby was crying out of hunger and did not hesitate in feeding it.

She said: “The baby was hungry, so it had to be fed, simple as that. “Afterwards I went with some of my colleagues and we bought nappies and clothes.”

The baby’s mum reappeared hours later. The case is now being investigated by local child services.

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