[Photos] Hacker Leaks Huddah Monroe’s Pics And Phone Number

A hacker named Vee has taken over former BBA star, Huddah Monroe’s Instagram account to leak her nudes, and reveal her phone number.

The hacker posted the image and number along with a very spiteful and angry message for Huddah who may not have seen this yet .

The caption reads:

Hi , This is Vee! I’ve hacked huddahs account ! She is crazy and I want to expose her , she sent her man this post , coz I hate her I’ll do anything to expose her ! She is stupid , I have exposed her and she don’t accorf my apologies. I will do anything to expose Huddah, she is fuckin stupid ! I hate that bitch , now that I’m in control of her IG I’ll post everything like the way I hacked her IG!! This is her stupid number too 0705978069 the way she expose mine .she will never get this account again! …,,, look at her stupid bpobs , stupid hoe! I hate her ! I will expose u forever bitch , I have ur account now horny bitch ?

What could be going on right now?

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