Photos: Nigerian Policeman Abducts, Rapes 14-yr-old Girl For 6 Days Till He Ruptured Her Vagina In Anambra State

For these six agonizing days, innocent Maryam was begging him to take her home but he refused. His waterloo reached its peak when on the 5th day, in the middle of the night the innocent Maryam took his mobile phone and called her father to come to her rescue.

Maryam was taken to hospital on 25th October 2017 (yesterday) by a good samaritan because the police in accord with the DPO of OKPOKO division are not forthcoming with her case. They want to cover up the case, especially as they told the father that the issue have to be forgiven since ‘they’ both the rouge police corporal Barau Garba and them are all of northern origin.

Attached here is the hospital patient card where innocent Maryam was taken and various tests were conducted, and it was ascertained she was raped beyond human imagination and left with a raptured vagina.

The IGP have to use a holistic approach to root out these bad eggs amongst the Nigerian police, just like how a sixty years old woman

Who died from the police corruption, this Maryam Yusuf was defiled and humiliated by the same Nigerian police man.

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Justice must be done here.

Comrade Alhassan Haruna Dambatta
Activist, Journalist

He continued with another post

Why the Police is not Your Friend

If your 14 year old daughter or sister loses her money and finds herself in distress, you would expect that if a policeman approaches, she would be fine, she would be safe because the police is supposed to be your friend, or so the propaganda has been singing for ages.
But not in Nigeria. And not when the Police officer concerned is one Corporal Barau Garba (Service No: 275601 from MOPOL 7, Sokoto State) who was on a special duty in Anambra and met this 14 year-old Girl in Onitsha. He offered to help her and took her to a police base where he kept her and raped her for six days running, leaving her severely damaged physically and emotionally.

The worst thing is that every time he was going to work, he handed her over to his colleagues, who kept her until he returned. The police is your friend they say.

If the girl hadn’t taken the rapist’s telephone and called her father to come rescue her, there is no telling how long this abuse would have gone on.

This is what our policemen are doing to our daughters. And they tell you they are your friends. These are the people who stand at checkpoints and shoot at you because you won’t bribe them with N20. These are the people who when you go to report a crime would ask you to buy paper and biro from them so they could write down your complain. These are the people who when you put an emergency call to them would tell you they don’t have fuel in their car and would wait for criminals to finish their operations in peace and leave before they charge onto the scene to show face and demand bribes from the victims. The police is your friend, they say.

You try to understand why cases of police complicity in crimes form a list as long as an endless river, or why the police turn criminals and you look at the appalling conditions they live in where not even dogs would be put in in sane societies. But you look at the homeless people who have nothing but don’t mind sharing what they have with others who have nothing and you know that living in bad conditions does not expressely mean one has to lose his humanity.

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You look at the number of top police officers, living in great conditions, stealing pensions meant for their colleagues or demanding sexual favours in order to help widows of their fallen colleagues and you understand that it is not only about the conditions they live and work in, it is a lack of social justice. The fact that criminals in police uniforms think they can get away with crimes against the people they should be protecting empowers them.

When the DPO of Okpoko, where this rapist animal is stationed instead of arresting him, tries to convince the parents to let go of the issue, you know for sure that the police is not your friend.

This girl has been raped in a police facility by a policeman with the active help of his colleagues. It is a grievous crime. An even bigger crime would be the failure to give justice for her and all the other people who have been abused and murdered by the police.

This Corporal Barau Garba, and all the policemen who aided and abetted in this crime must be brought to justice. It will be a start, I hope. But we will not keep silent about it. Teach your loved ones not to trust the police because the police is not your friend.

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