Please Advice Me! My Step-Brother Wants Us to Become Lovers, Is It Right?

A young woman really worried by her new found love affair is seeking to know the appropriateness of the whole thing. The unnamed lady wrote about how she met and fell in love with her own step-brother but now feels like there is something wrong with the affair.

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Read what she wrote below:

My mother re-married over six years ago and we moved into my step-father’s house. He has three children and I’ve always found his eldest child good-looking.

He is in the university and I’m at the nursing school. I’m 23 and he’s two years older. About five months ago, we finally agreed to having mutual feelings of love and we kissed a lot.

We recently took things a step further by making love. I love him so much and he feels the same.
Our parents don’t know what is going on and I’m kind of scared already.
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He says we have nothing to fear as we are not related by blood, that legally, there’s nothing stopping us from getting married.
Please, is he right? Can we go on doing this?

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