Radio Biafra Moves To Jam Radio Nigeria Signals, Says It’s Time To Know The Real Hackers

The Illegal Radio Station, Radio Biafra which is currently transmitting from an unknown destination has dared Nigerian Broadcasting Cooperation (NBC).The radio has promised to shut down Radio Nigeria and fill up the airspace with it frequencies modulation in Nigeria’s airwave.

The threats come few hours after the Nigerian government had claim that it successfully jammed signals from Radio Biafra, a controversial, underground channel spewing propaganda.

The threat was contained in a statement on the official website of the radio station which was monitored by our correspondent.

“Nigeria thinks we are fools, since they claimed that they hacked and jammed our radio station, it is time we know who the real hackers are.

“We will jam Radio Nigeria as a sign of warning to them so that next time when they are boasting they will know they are not joking with kids.

“When we jam Radio Nigeria, whatever frequency in Nigeria you tune in, you will definitely be listening to RADIO BIAFRA.

“As long as Chukwu Abiama is with us, Biafrans must be free.” the statement on the website partly read.

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The permanent secretary, Mrs. Yemi-Esan, had said the National Broadcasting Corporation, NBC, had jammed the radio’s frequency, describing it as illegal in the first place.

She spoke at the presidential villa shortly after briefing President Muhammadu Buhari on the activities of her ministry.

“Right now the signals from Radio Biafra have been jammed successfully by the NBC,” Ms. Yemi-Esan said.

“The commission is also working with security agencies to get those that are behind that radio because it is an illegal radio, it is not licensed by anybody to be on the airwaves in Nigeria,”
she said.

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