Read as Emeka Ike puts Linda Ikeji on full blast – calls her hell’s witch

This shocked everyone, after someone in the comment section of DIAMOND CELEBRITIES’ post on Actor, Solomon Akiyesi calling his haters out has allegedly identified as the President of the AGN, Emeka Ike, used the medium to blast celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji.

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The user wrote in the comment section:

“I’m so sorry, mate… that’s what we’ve ” all ” suffered in the hands of one “HELL” linda ikeji blogger … the Devils advocate… brand killer… blackmailer… cold witch in the dark… she’ has hurt us all , who hasn’t she harped on their popularity to sell her page Who? She goes for the very celebrated, celebrity , artists, politicians, reputed bankers, sports ICONS , huge businessmen etc big deal to “blackmail” , even your own NATION and duty bound to un- celebrate.

“Ain’t these he’ll ” the world reads us only… negatively thru her eyes. All cooked up RUBISH in her hell coven . She’s unpatriotic…

Linda is hell . I’ve suffered my portion of her deep fangs into my life, my career, my businesses , my marriage et’el. She’s hell witch … and we have kept quiet 4 too long , ( now she’s on WIZKID one of Nigeria’s best ambassador) u don’t survive by bringing others down I even heard u are paid huge sum for doing this sometimes We’ve reported your case severally to security operative and will keep sensitizing NIGERIANS on your unpatriotic moves ,” you must not be celebrated where real stars are “.., u smartly broadcasts now thru your breeds. U hid.
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Nemesis will catch up with u on this one day LINDA and as a team…entertainers someday’ll rise against a LINDA IKEJI. Heard she pays jobless youths to reply her scandals, thereby assuming a social mind set in our moral and fair society with an evil intent to dislodge and gain page patronage … my name is, emeka ike, again”

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