“Sex Before Marriage is a Sin, But I Do it Anyways”, Actress Reveals

During a one on one interactive session with her followers on her Instagram page, actress Princess Shyngle answered questions about her relationship, sex life and career ranging from the past, present and future.

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One thing she admitted to was that she knows that s*x before marriage is a sin, but like most people, she does it anyways.
She also opened up that the last guy who slept with her was her ex-boyfriend and that she intends to get married at age 30.
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She also touched on her virginity; saying that she had her first sex when she was 18 years.
She further admitted that she has been wearing waist-trainers for the last three years.

“Yes I do work out with my waist trainers, I’ve been waist training for 3 years now ,I wear my waist trainers 20 hours a day.”, she wrote.
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Princess Christian Shyngle rose to fame after she represented her country (Gambia) in the Next Movie Star reality show.

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