Shocking Confession! Reader Discretion Is Advised: My Pastor Is Not Really A Saint

I must confess despite my sick condition I was beginning to enjoy the way he was touching my apple, he particularly concentrated on the nipples which is my weak point.

Though I was startled and surprise that my pastor could do this, suddenly there a crack on the hospital door and he lifted his hands off me but was still praying. It was my mother that returned, she joined him in the prayer, after a while I opened my eyes as if I was waking up, I greeted him and he replied and said “It is well my dear, the Lord is your strength”. I replied amen.

After spending about 30minutes more, he told my mum he was leaving, my mother escorted him while I just greeted him scornfully, I am pretty sure he noticed. When my mother returned, she told me that the pastor said I should come over and stay in his house for a week so his wife can pray and take care of me to fully recover. That was how I landed in his house, I had fully recovered however before even going to his house, we prayed together with his family for about two days, then on the third day, his wife went for a Women Leadership Seminar at Port Harcourt, she left early and was to return that same day.

I helped the house girl prepare breakfast for the children and my pastor, after eating he asked me on the dining table how I was fairing, I replied him that I was enjoying myself here, he smiled. After the meal, he went inside to sleep and told the house girl that he is not expecting anybody, that he wants to rest, something told me that something funny was about to happen, I was also yearning for that soft hands again on my nipples once more, so all my moves were encouraging but I was careful else I make a mistake and give him the impression that I want him because it may be that I misunderstood him.

About 20 minutes later, I had finished taking my bath and was in my room when he called me on the phone and told me to come to his room for special prayer, I dare not say no, first he is my pastor, on getting to the room he was on a boxer and singlet, I could visualize his junior already up and shaking between his legs, I told me to kneel down which I did, he started praying and touching my head, after a while he lowered his voice but his hands got busy, his hands lowered to my chest, he prayed and rebuked everything pains in the chest…, after about 3 minutes his hands got to my apple, he was a pro in locating the nipples, by the time he was there I was completely wet, I leaned on his legs in front of him and kissed his knee, he responded immediately by lifting me up and kissing my deeply, he used his tongue on my neck and it was so sweet that I began to shake.

He grabbed my hard nipples, and used his lips to squeeze it really soft, I screamed out in excitement. He now positioned me on his bed, sprayed my legs wide open to reveal my wet c.u.n.t., he got his mouth to it and licked every juice that came out, and he now concentrated on my c.l.i.t for about 1hour which sent an unusual sensation to my already honeyed body.

I threw my legs wide open so he used his two hands to spray my ppooossiieeee lips to expose my clitoris and used his lips to grab it and worked his mouth on it, at this point I was completely shaking, it was amazing how a Pastor will sure so much love making prowess.

I was shaking my waist in excitement that I immediately released. I got up, knelt before him and brought out his junior and swallowed half of it in my mouth, I brought it out and did again for about 3 minutes before I started sucking him real good, he was panting as if he has not had this for a long time, I won’t doubt him considering that fact that his wife handles the other church branch in Bayelsa State.

After working on his junior for a while, I was beginning to feel like being sucked again

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