Shocking confession! Why I Killed 10 Year Old Grandchild Of School Proprieto

Last week, Edet Umoren, 52, a father-of-three, murdered the 10-year-old granddaughter of Pastor Joseph Olitoye, his employer and proprietor of Favour Nursery and Primary School, Ijebu – Imushin, Ogun state, who was owing him a 2-month salary of N8,000

While speaking with journalists, Umoren, said:

” It is not ordinary that I killed the girl afterall, they (she and her grandfather) have been provoking and attacking me verbally without me doing anything bad and never felt annoyed. I was actually going to the bush to fetch a cane for use in my class when I saw and I used the cutlass on her.

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I was not myself when I took the cutlass and killed her. I believe it is a spiritual attack from my family. I really regret the whole thing because I have my three children in my village, that is why I said it is not an ordinary when I came to back to my senses after the deed has been done.”

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