Shocking Video! Africans Found Butchered, All Internal Vital Organs Harvested, Removed And Sold In Egypt

A very disturbing video posted on Kalsan TV, YouTube and Facebook shows the patched-up remains of 9 Somalis found on an Alexandria coastal stretch.

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The bodies show badly and unprofessionally stitched up torsos missing all vital organs.

Among the butchered Somalis were a mother and her three children who were identified as Adar Hassan Addawe (mother), son Abubakr Abdikarim (3 months), daughter Anfa’ Abdikarim (18 months), and another seven-year old son.
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The Somalis are believed to have lost their lives to ruthless body-organs traders after they failed to pay for their passage to human traffickers who promised to smuggle them to Europe – at a hefty fee.
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The gruesome remains should wake up the world to the sinister, underworld trade in vital organs which qualifies for the newest addition to the already nefarious slavery that gathered momentum with the seemingly unstoppable tides of migrants braving the odds to reach for a better livelihood in Europe.

A valid question: How many more perish in similar circumstances undiscovered?

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