The Confession Of A Teenage Church Member Who Is Falling In Love With Her Pastor After Making Out With Him (+18 Story)

I Am Having Sex With My Pastor, I am 17 Years Old. I have tried several times to break away but it is not working. He is not making it easy for me to leave him. He provides for my every need including financial and love

It all started when my mum’s friend invited me to his church. I became friends with the pastor and he constantly visits me at the university. One day, we were both chatting in my house and before I was aware, he was kissing me.
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To be honest, I enjoyed every bit of it and so from that time, we constantly kissed and caressed each other. Later, because I was a virgin, we started to have anal sex and much later we made love the natural way. We have been having sex for over 5 years now. We have sex in my bedroom, my sitting hall, his marital home (married with 2 children), his work place etc. When we are having sex, I enjoy every moment because he is so passionate and loving.
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Now I feel it is time for me to break away. Sometimes I feel so bad that I do know what to do. I wish I had never gone to the church. More especially when the wife and children are very good friends of mine. I feel guilty when I sit in the congregation and he is preaching Sometimes all I see is our lovemaking

I want to leave but how? He is my best friend, my pastor, my lover and he provides for my entire university education which is extremely very expensive. Without him, I cannot finish school. My family is aware of our relationship and supports it because he provides for their needs too.
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I feel guilty despite everything. I want a chance to leave the country and forget him. I want to be a good Christian like I was before. But how?? I feel like I am going mad. A part of me says it is okay because he is helpful and I love him. Another part of me says I am in serious sin and needs to break away fast.

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