The Importance Of Investing In Your Company’s Website

With the majority of the population now online, the importance of your company website has never been more critical. Although you may think simply having a website is enough, a tired looking website will turn potential customers away, losing you money in the process.

Your website doesn’t need to be anything fancy; minimal can even be better in a lot of cases. Nor do you need to slave over a computer trying to figure out html. There are professionals out there who will do it for you! They are worth the investment and so is your website, here’s why:

  • It reflects the business

This one isn’t as obvious as it may sound. If your website looks professional, you will be treated as such. Our attention span as a species is getting shorter with every cute cat Vine video uploaded to the internet. In light of that, your website has a better chance of competing for attention spans if it’s easy on the eye.

  • Consistency

It is important that your website matches your brand, whether that be the store front or otherwise.  A website is in place to coincide with the brand and increase customers, in turn increasing revenue. In order to achieve this, it needs to be consistent with the rest of the company’s identity.

  • Spend money to make money

An oldie but a goodie. Depending on the type of website suited to your industry, sometimes, spending thousands of dollars to have one professionally designed will actually save you time and money in the long term.  Having to update the website yourself or dealing with an outdated site is frustrating and a waste of time. A well designed website will bring more traffic, save you hassle and eventually pay for itself.

  • Builds trust

A website with a simple navigation instils greater trust in your site visitors. If a website is providing honest information and an easy line of communication, they will be more open towards giving you business. Compare this to an over active website with pop up ads, clashing colours and no visible contact form. The customer should not be confused when visiting your company website, things should be made as effortless as possible. Do not scare them away with common mistakes that can easily be avoided.

  • Usability

Getting information from a company website should be a piece-of-cake. Sections such as ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ should be directly in front of the viewer without them having to search for them. With the increase in the amount of different devices people are using to access information, all bases need to be covered. By paying a professional to ensure your website is mobile responsive (adaptable to all devices) you are expanding your coverage and reducing friction.

The cost of paying for a professional to design your website can seem high upfront, however, when you weigh up the long term benefits, it’s a no-brainer. Do it. It will pay for itself.


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