There’s No Gain In Exposing Relationship Issues To The Public – Ali Baba

Veteran Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba has advised couples that there’s no long-term benefit in taking their relationship problems to social media for public consumption.

According to the Cable lifestyle, the comedian lamented the recent spate of “stories of love gone sour” on public platforms.

“Recently, we have been flooded with stories of love gone sour and aggrieved persons who were in relationships aiming to rip their exes apart,” he wrote on his Instagram page.

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“I’m more concerned about the bitter undercurrent that push people to the point of going public with the intention of tearing whoever they had once loved to shreds. It is not about revenge. It speaks volumes of the person who wants to pull the other person down.

“Often when this happens, values and morals are flung out of the window. Not everyone will agree with my position but I don’t expect all to. Go check the lives of those who have thought by going public with a story calculated to wreck an ex, because of a love gone sour… most of them, if not all, hug fame and disappear below the radar of attention. Some settle down but many just can not get up to something that can top that story that trended.”

However, the comedian noted that in the cases of domestic violence and r*pe, the victim is allowed to speak out and seek help.

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“Don’t get me wrong, r*pe and domestic violence is not what I am talking about. If he or she raised a hand to hit you, break that hand or at least, you must warn others. That’s all. Same goes for r*pe,” he said. But when they are personal issues usually associated with relationship differences… just can it.

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