This 50-year-old model proves that age is just a number

Most people who are in the 50th year of their lives seems to have grandchildren and they are already growing old. Some are even having diseases that need treatment.

But one woman, Candy Law who is already at the age of 50 proved that age doesn’t matter and that it is just a number as she posed fiercely in front of the camera with her daring clothes.

In 19991, Candy was the winner of the Miss Asia Pageant. With her sexy outfits in these photos, there were no signs that she already has 3 children, but she still looked like she was still taking up classes in college preparing to have a degree.

Behind this beautiful face is also a strong woman. She managed to raise her children, despite being a single mother after she got divorced.

All women would want to look as hot as her when they reached the age of 50s.

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