“This is Wtf God gave me” New dad unhappy with how his new baby looks threatens to abandon it (photo)

A young new dad has taken to Facebook to share a photo of his newborn baby, but rather than the happy and grateful message new parents are known to share, Scottie Smith’s announcement was filled with regret and hints at disgust.

Scottie even made inquiry about the possibility of abandoning the child with the Department of Children and Family Services. Sharing a photo of the baby, he wrote:

“So My Baby ?? Finally Here N This Wtf God Give Me ? Can U Put A New Born In DCFS?”


The insensitive post has gathered over 11K shares, 3.7K comments, and 2.7K reactions – most of them shocked. Comments on the post are of people calling him out for such an inappropriate comment. A look at his timeline shows that he is still a young man who just had a child early

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