TOWN-CRIER ALERT: Exclusive Interview With Onyi Anekwe The P-Square Breakup Crier

This blog reader made a cry-cry video on Psquare’;’s alleged breakup. Her name is Onyi Anekwe, She claims she made the video after listening to Paul Okoye’s breakup song.

9jaflaver tracked her down at the Law Faculty of the National Open University Awka to understand what motivated her teary appeal to the Okoye brothers, Her reaction when she saw a copy cat video and the feedback from P-Square.
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9jaflaver: Tell us about you
ONYI: I am Onyii Anekwe, I am a 3rd year Law Student. I am an actress and a musician12400672_547970315365596_1752270699606571180_n

9jaflaver: Was the cry video an artistic expression?
ONYI: No, It was real. I was really hurt. Listening to Paul’s new song broke whats left of my heart. I have never felt that sad my whole life.
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9jaflaver: Your Video worked and the guys brothers have made up. how does that make you feel?
ONYI: Yes, I am happy. My aim was achieved. Although someone else is taking the credit now but i Care less. P-Square is back and that’s all that matters. I am happy . as you can see, I aint crying anymore

9jaflaver: Yes. There is another video of another girl crying released at the same time, What really happened?
ONYI: I saw the video and i was amazed. I uploaded my video and the next day I saw another video of a girl who copied my video and hers went viral.
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9jaflaver: What was your reaction to the new video.
ONYI: I was happy because I knew that my idea has motivated people to do their own videos and I know that when that happens, One may go viral and then my heroes will see it. Even though it was my brain child. I dont care about who gets the credit or who gets acknowledged. All I care about is the survival of my heroes P_Square

9jaflaver: Have you reached out to Peter since he said he wants to meet you
ONYI: Yes I did but I am yet to get a reply, I guess he was looking out for the other girl

9jaflaver: Does that make you sad?12801534_547970302032264_6422185387071252496_n
ONYI: Yes and No!!! Yes because I have always dreamt of meeting P_Square and possibly do a song with them because I am a Rapper and then No, because they have made up and I know the role I played. what really matters most is that I will get to see another P_Square album


9jaflaver: What next for you
ONYI: I will get my Law Degree and become a P-Square official lawyer so we can set up the structure Peter always wanted.

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