When starting a new design project, there are steps to follow that will help to achieve the best results. Below are the basic steps we follow to help ensure that the final product is the right solution for your needs. Following these steps can help prevent both parties from running on fumes.


  • Gather.
    This is the most important step for any job. Before we begin a project, we need to know your problems and needs. Gathering all the information from the start puts the job on the right path. Sometimes it will require a face-to-face meeting; other times, we can setup a conference call meeting where we can share our screens and chat via web cam. Here are a few things we will need to know:
    Who is your target audience and demographic?
    What are you trying to tell them?
    What is the scope of your project? (ie: size or number of pages needed?)
    What is your budget?
    Is there a deadline for completion?
    Is there an existing corporate brand that should be matched?
  • Quote.
    After we know all the technical and targeting information, we send you an estimate based on the amount of time we believe the job should take. Many times, we require a deposit of 1/2 the estimate before we begin. This is also true before sending a job to print.
  • Create.
    This is the fun part. We believe anything worth doing is worth doing well. We harness our creative juices to develop the right look for the job. We often brainstorm, experiment, discover and conceptualize to produce a meaningful and well-branded design.
  • Edit.
    Our clients are encouraged to review the concept design(s) and provide specific feedback. We will do our best to make suggestions and give you our professional advice along the way.
  • Deliver.
    After all the revisions and edits are in order, you’ll gives us a final approval — whether it’s launching a website or sending the file to the printer.