A Must Read! These Are The 7 Earliest Symptoms Of Cancer On Your Skin That You Shouldn’t Ignore

We are all aware that cancer is one of the main causes of deaths around the globe, this is because most signs and symptoms of cancer are being ignored.

What we all didn’t know is that the little aches that you’re experiencing are actually the symptoms of cancer.

Here are the early signs of cancer that are visible on your skin:

1. Excessive bruising or bleeding that won’t stop
– Abnormal function of the red blood cells is the most common sign of leukemia.

2. Changes in Fingernails
– An unusual change in the appearance of your fingernails that are caused by physical trauma actually indicates several types of cancer.

3. Changes in nipples
– This is one of the earliest symptoms of breast cancer.

4. Lump or bumps
– A lump that is present in your body for a long time requires an immediate medical attention.

5. Facial Swelling
– Facial swelling is one of the indicators of lung cancer.

6. A sore that doesn’t heal and bleeds easily.
– Various types of cancer, such as melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma are usually detected on the unusual change in your skin.

7. A swollen breast
– Aside from the change in your nipples, a swollen breast could also indicate breast cancer.

But still, it is best to get checked by an expert, to receive immediate medical treatment.

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