Eha-amufu in Isiuzo local Government area of Enugu state under attack by fulani herdsmen

Sleep has ran out of people of Abor in Isiuzo local government area Eha-Amufu as fulani herdsmen has been going around killiny people of that community.

News reaching us now is that more than 30 people was slaughtered in broad day light in Abor Isiuzo local government area of Eha-Amufu in Enugu state.

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The people of that community has been thrown out of their various home all going around looking for shelter in different communities and states.

Yet no body is saying any thing about it.

The government of Enugu state is silent.
The governor of Enugu state is sleeping.

The senators,house of representatives,council chairman,Army commander in 82 Divisions and commissioner of police in Enugu state are all watching them to die like chicken.

The people of Abor in Isiuzo local government area of Eha-Amufu in Enugu state is pleading with Enugu state government, Nigeria government and people that matters to come to their rescue as things are getting out of hands.

Below is some of the victim of the attack.

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