Kaduna killings: Bandits now brutal, govt’s silence disgraceful – CAN

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Kaduna State, has observed with dismay the rate of killings within the last three weeks.

Rev. John Joseph Hayab, chairman, CAN Kaduna State in a statement late night on Sunday said, “The killings are too much and the lack of concern by the government is disappointing and disgraceful.”

The statement added that the terrorists were now so hardened and brutal, adding that they killed Nigerians without mercy and the rate at which they have turned on the Church in Kaduna State and Nigeria was alarming.

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“The bandits are now hardened and brutal. They are killing without mercy and the rate at which they have turned on the Church in Kaduna State and Nigeria is alarming and worrisome,” the statement lamented.

Hayab observed that CAN had cried, complained, and protested but to a deaf government that allowed its citizens to go through unimaginable hardships in the hands of the terrorists.

He further lamented that the bandits know and understand that government would only talk but cannot act or cause them any threat, saying that that was why they (terrorists) were advancing more against the people.

The statement added, “The last three weekends have all been periods of mourning and anguish from our communities to the church.”

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He noted that the recent killing of Rev Fr Borogo was painful, condemnable and a serious call on the church, Christian leaders, and any community that is exposed to the threat of the bandits to sleep no more and be awake and alert with what to defend themselves with.

CAN urged all Christians to continue to pray with one eye open and with their object for defense in their hands against any attack by the terrorists.

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