See What Happened To This Man After He Slept With Someones Wife

According to facebook user named Abdul Daktari, an unnamed man is crying out for help after his hands turned into legs After he slept with a married woman. Abdul posted the below photos with caption;

He slept with someone’s wife, this is what happened to him after the tournament… Guys restrain yourself from pipo’s wives… Don’t say u were not warned…

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Many people on facebook are saying he deserved what happened to him and in his next life he would desist from such acts, see some comments below;

Miriam Lusimbo That good for him

Reagan Mweemba Uuuuu that’s a great job be warned once more again alaaa ine afraid aaah aaaah

Y Dah Tenten kaya any way it fine

Sungwe Nachalwe Wages of sin

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